How Pokemon GO Can Help You Buy or Sell a House!

Pokemon GO is everywhere these days it seems. This augmented reality game became an overnight sensation, spurring novice and veteran gamers alike to get off the couch and out into their neighborhoods to search for digital critters.

If you’re, for some reason, unfamiliar with the app that’s taken the world by storm, let me give you a quick rundown. Pokemon GO is a GPS-enabled mobile game that requires users to travel around and catch various Pokemon characters, which can appear just about anywhere. Players can also visit Pokestops to collect supplies, as well as battle other players in virtual gyms. Pokestops and gyms are usually found in public spaces, like churches and parks, which means players actually have to get out of the house to take full advantage of everything this game has to offer.

This augmented reality game has taken over almost every space you can imagine lately. It’s not unusual to see players of all ages, from 8 to 80, walking around hunting these little creatures.

But, what does Pokemon GO have to do with real estate?

As it turns out, possibly lots! This mobile game has been a boon for many businesses around the country. Some businesses have been lucky enough to have become Pokestops or gyms, which translates to an explosion of foot traffic. Savvy businesses are cashing in on the newest craze by dropping lures to attract players to their businesses.

And that’s where Pokemon GO can relate to real estate.

Pokemon GO for Sellers

If you’re in the business of selling your home, it can’t hurt to attract potential buyers, can it? Some real estate agents have even started setting up Pokemon GO lures as well to attract players, who could potentially turn into potential buyers or renters. A Pokemon Lure Module will set a home seller or real estate agent back 100 coins, or 99Ā¢, for 30 minutes of critter luring. That’s a pretty small price to pay, if it works to attract potential buyers!

Another very recent tactic some real estate agents and home sellers are trying is luring potential buyers by mentioning favorable Pokemon GO features in listings. For instance, some of the features in a listing might include nearby Pokestops or gyms, or even the appearance of a rare Pokemon! It may seem a little juvenile, but sometimes it’s best to pull out all of the stops when trying to draw in potential buyers.

There has even been some speculation that Pokemon GO could even possibly have an impact prices in the housing market. But, could something as trivial as a nearby Pokestop really help you demand a higher price for a property? Probably not, at least not yet. The game is still too new, and there’s really no telling how long this fad will last, so don’t go adding zeros yet just because your neighborhood is crawling with digital characters.

Pokemon GO for Buyers

If you’re a Pokemon GO player looking to buy a house, there’s good news for you as well! Since some real estate agents and sellers are hopping on the Pokemon GO bandwagon and setting up lures, that means you may be able to kill two birds with one stone. Swing by and open house to hit a Pokestop for more supplies and possibly find your dream house in the process!

Use a little tact here, though, and avoid hanging around houses that you know are way out of your budget. This is a waste of the seller’s and real estate agent’s time, especially if you occupy their time with inquiries about a property that you have no intention of possibly buying.

That’s not to say that you should avoid these listings and open houses altogether, though. Sure one of the main reasons that listings might include Pokemon GO details is to draw in potential buyers for that property, but it also gives house hunters the opportunity to connect with local real estate agents. When visiting an open house with a lure or listed Pokemon GO attractions, have a quick word with the real estate agent and be sure to get a business card. You never know if that agent has just the house for you and your budget!

Pokemon GO can also make house hunting a little more fun for buyers. Instead of the typical drudgery of driving or walking around looking for those for sale signs, you can take the game along and play while you’re hunting! One of the purposes of this game is to get people out and about in their neighborhoods exploring areas they’ve possibly never been to. And, there just might be more around that next corner than the elusive Aerodactyl…

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